“I’ve come a long way since. It’s enabled me to include more of the art/craft I used to do and hope to carry on with. A brilliant course!”

Accreditation is an optional part of the courses, studio placement and volunteering. The units are based around the Open Arts programme. Participants will need to do extra work in their sketchbook between sessions and have tutorials with the lead artist. Previous participants have said 'it ties a bow around the course' and that they have enjoyed working towards an accreditation.

We offer accreditation for participants and volunteers, which are validated through the Gateway Assured.


1. Understand and use elements of line, tone, colour, texture, pattern, shape and form through techniques and media.

2. Understand the need to develop an individual approach to the collection and recording of information.

3. Understand how to explore and experiment with ideas, techniques and materials.

4. Understand health and safety issues and safe studio practice.

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